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YES real men take care of their appearance too!


A staggering number of men actually do care about their skin/body and are getting treatments from Botox to tattoo removal and everything in between!

Did you know?

Botox treatments have increased in men by 337% since 2000! 

Procedures such as tattoo removal, hair removal, Botox and body sculpting  are now more popular among men than ever. Market Mall Dermatology has a number of treatments and procedures available for men to refresh their appearance.


More men are exploring advancements in PRP for hair restoration and under eye treatments, body sculpting like EmSculpt are the new rage in men treatments to help define your abs and sculpt your gluts. Fillers to help define your rugged jawline and replace loss of volume. Daddy-Do-Overs’ are really now a thing.


Allow us to assist you in creating a customised treatment plan that’s just right for you to address your concerns.


Snoring can be deeply disruptive to not only the affected party but also their partner.

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Tatoo Removal

The stem cells and the growth factors stimulate skin regeneration, increase overall hair rejuvenation.

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Neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Nucieva  help to relax the contraction of strong facial muscles  often eliminate or reduce deep facial lines and groves that make us look tired or like we are angry.

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Thoughtful Male

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal has never been more effective and safe, while eliminating ingrown hair, razor burn/cuts, trimmer nicks and constant trimming and grooming of your body hair.

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Hair Restoration

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is naturally rich in growth factors and cytokines which stimulate stronger hair growth from the root.

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Body Sculpting

Re-sculpt your abs, arms and gluts with Emsculpt. Show off what you have worked so hard for in the gym.

Reduce your waist line and define your abs.

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