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Market Mall Dermatology's Mother's Day Specials Gift Guide

Hey there, beautiful! As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to treat yourself or drop a little hint to your loved ones about how you’d like to be pampered. At Market Mall Dermatology in Calgary, AB, we believe every mom deserves to feel appreciated and rejuvenated. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of special treatments just for you. From luxurious skin treatments to innovative solutions for common concerns, our Mother's Day Specials are designed to help you look and feel your best. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through our exclusive offerings.

Women’s Health Package

Our Women’s Health Package is designed to promote overall wellness and confidence. It includes Plus90, an advanced treatment specifically tailored to address issues of feminine health caused by childbirth, aging, or menopause. Plus90 utilizes a specialized probe that delivers safe and controlled doses of radio-frequency energy to target both internal and external genital tissues, generating heat and stimulating rejuvenation. The result? Almost immediate improvements in intimate wellness and comfort.

Plus90 is renowned for its effectiveness in improving vaginal health, including addressing vulvar and vaginal laxity, weakened pelvic floor, enlarged or elongated labia, and vaginal dryness.

As a special bonus, you’ll receive 2 complimentary sessions of Emsella, a groundbreaking non-invasive treatment for pelvic floor strengthening.Say hello to improved intimacy and bladder control! 

This package is priced at $2400, offering you a fantastic value for transformative results.

Emsella Package

Are you looking to restore your pelvic floor health and reclaim your confidence? Our Emsella Package is just what you need. With 6 treatments priced at $900, this package offers a convenient and effective solution for women seeking to address urinary incontinence and enhance their intimate wellness. Say goodbye to those inconvenient leaks and hello to newfound freedom!


Injectables at Market Mall Dermatology in Calgary, AB

For a limited time, Market Mall Dermatology is offering exclusive discounts on Juvederm filler injections. Be among the FIRST 25 patients to enjoy savings ranging from $100 to $300 on your treatment. Whether you’re looking to plump up your lips, smooth out wrinkles, or restore volume to your cheeks, our skilled injectors will customize a treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to refresh your look and embrace a more youthful appearance.

Mommy Tummy Package

Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on your body, particularly your abdominal area. Our Mommy Tummy Package is here to help you reclaim your pre-baby figure. Enjoy 20% off when you book 3 sessions of Morpheus8, a revolutionary radiofrequency microneedling treatment that targets loose skin and stubborn fat, resulting in a firmer, more contoured abdomen. Say hello to a flatter tummy and renewed confidence!

Thinning Hair Treatments

Struggling with thinning hair or hair loss? Market Mall Dermatology has you covered. Take advantage of our special offer and receive 20% off when you book 3 sessions of Fotona Hair Restore, a cutting-edge laser treatment that stimulates hair growth and improves scalp health. Plus, enjoy an additional 20% off hair serums with our Jet Peel treatment, providing you with the tools you need to promote thicker, fuller hair from root to tip.

This Mother's Day, give yourself the gift of beauty and self-care with Market Mall Dermatology's exclusive specials. Whether you're looking to rejuvenate your skin, enhance your intimate wellness, or address common concerns like thinning hair or mommy tummy, we have the perfect solution for you. And don't forget to take advantage of our 15% off gift cards, because every mom deserves a little extra pampering. Treat yourself or drop a hint to your loved ones – either way, you deserve to look and feel your best. Give us a call to take advantage and book your next appointment - 587.799.9999! 

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Market Mall Dermatology!

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